Saturday, January 14, 2017

7 Hours of solid sleep. Go me!

So good to wake up not feeling tired!  

My body and sleep have had a very long history of not being friends.  Whenever I actually do get enough rest I feel like a new least for the day!  Thankfully today is one of those days.  My sleep issues stem from several things, one being severe RLS and another biggie being the weight of our debt.  I'm sure working as a nurse on third shift for 20 years of my life didn't help either.  

Yesterday turned out to be an excellent day for our finances which I'm sure helped me sleep.   I was able to reduce our auto insurance from $1,063.50 down to $526.50.  We pay our premium every six months which saves us $75.  Being bound and determined not to put it on our credit card (as sadly I've done in the past) and also not wanting to dip into our baby EF of $1,000 I decided to call our agent.  We have three vehicles, two of which are not drivable during the Winter.  One is an older paid for truck in need of repairs and the other a car we are upside down in.  Since we can't drive either right now, we reduced the coverage to just theft, fire, etc.  We really need to get rid of that car and the payment attached to it!  Baby steps!  

Another good thing is that our electric bill was under budget by $1.44.  We were over budget last month by $2.45.  I realize to some this isn't a big deal but when you are watching every penny, it is!  

I also had $25 go into my PayPal account from Swagbucks which I then transferred to our checking account.  Certainly don't get rich from these types of sites, but it all helps.  

On a side note, I still need to figure out some of this Blogger stuff.  I was used to WordPress and this is a little different.  Being in my 50's I don't adapt to change quite as well as I used to.  But you can't beat free, so I'm sure I'll eventually learn it!  

I need to work for a few hours today.  Trying to increase my hours and thankful for a flexible job that lets me do so.  Now I just need our weather to cooperate so I can actually do so!  And our journey continues....


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