Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ice cream makes me happy!

Nothing like some comfort food after a couple of busy days.  

I feel like I've been on go nonstop the past couple of days.  Yesterday I drove to a town about 65 miles from us.  I usually go every couple of weeks but haven't had a chance to get there lately.  I primarily go for business purposes.  It was well worth the trip as I found all sorts of things for my e-commerce business.  My car was loaded.  Had it not been for my two dogs in my back seat I'm sure my haul could have been even bigger.  Even so, it was still definitely a successful trip.

I spent much of this morning processing everything I had purchased the day before.  Got it all inventoried, boxed and dropped off to UPS by mid afternoon.  Based on my calculations, it should be at least a $700 profit.  Not bad for less than two days of work.  

The remaining part of my day was spent with a good friend.  Although it is always nice to visit, after a busy couple of days, it was equally as nice to get home and relax.  

Our temperature today was unseasonably warm.  My car read 44 degrees, but not sure just how accurate it is.  I will say it felt warm enough to take off the Winter coat and put on a light sweatshirt.  This warmer weather might also be the reason I was in the mood for ice cream.  With my sweet tooth happy and being tired from being extra busy, I think I'll sleep well tonight.  


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