Sunday, January 22, 2017

Money, Money, Money

Spend, spend, spend...

How does a quick trip to town yesterday for just a few things equate to so much money being spent?  Some days it certainly doesn't seem to take long.  This is especially more so true when my dh tags along.

First stop of our journey was to our mailbox.  We live on a private road so our mail is delivered via a cluster box at the beginning of our road.  Given that we live almost 3 miles down the road, I don't always get it every day.  Along with some of the usual stuff, we also received the dental statement for the root canal my dh had late last December.  Our portion is close to $200.  Could have been worse.  The insurance paid over $600.  Dh will be getting the crown tomorrow.  I'm trying not to think about that bill.  

Second stop was to Lowes.  Thankfully we didn't see anything that we couldn't live without.  Lowes is conveniently located in a strip mall that had a few other stores we wanted to visit, one being the pet store.  No money spent (yet) but our boys now have an appointment on Monday to be groomed and get their nails trimmed.  We will save 25% by going later in the day.  We are going with their cheapest "spa treatment" at $29.99/dog before the discount.  The other store in this strip mall is TJMaxx.  Our hope was to find dh a new wallet.  For those who may not have read my earlier post, my dh's wallet was stolen a few days ago.  He didn't like what they had, but I did manage to find a sweater and a sweatshirt that I liked.  The sweater had a regular price of $68.  Do people really pay regular prices?  I paid $8 and still thought that was a little steep.  

Our final stop was Walmart.  Finally remembered to use my Savings Catcher balance so at least that shaved almost $9 off the bill.  Even with that, we still managed to spend $100.  In all fairness, that included an $8 bag of cat food and several items dh will take with him when he heads back out to work.  

Tomorrow (Monday) we will finish what we started.  Praying we can keep our budget in check!  

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