Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Random Ramblings

And possibly a hidden confession

Yesterday was a productive day.  I put 4 hours in at my part time job.  With 2 senior dogs, that (along with travel time) is about the extent of how long I can leave them in the house.  Their bladders simply can't handle me being gone for much longer than that.  I'll be thankful for warmer weather when I can have them out in the garage from which they can access an outside pen.  At 13+ years of age (human years) hard telling how much longer they will be with us.  The boys have been good companions so until it becomes a quality of life thing (for them!) we will do what we need to do to accommodate their aging bodies.   

While I was at work, I was called in for an impromptu meeting with my boss.  I knew it was coming but really wasn't entirely sure how I would answer his impending question.  The question was regarding whether or not I would consider taking over for another employee who will soon be retiring.  It would amount to about a 30 hour work week.  I've been on the fence with this and it has nothing to do with our aging dogs.  While we could use the money-and honestly how many of us couldn't-there are also other things to consider.  In addition to this job I also work a seasonal job that I can do 50% of the time from home.  I do make decent money during those 5-6 months.  Then there is yet another consideration and that is my e-commerce business which has really taken off.  Anyhow, at the end of the meeting, I decided to turn down the offer and keep my hours as is.  Taking the offer would mean I couldn't work my seasonal job and it would also limit the time I have to devote to my business.  I pray I made the right choice.  

After coming home to let the boys out, I made a needed trip to town.  Had to drop off some things to my bookkeeper and run a few other errands.  Put gas in my car twice.  Had $1 off coupons that were getting ready to expire.  While I wouldn't go out of my way to save a dollar as it would only be defeating the purpose,  I had to pass by two of these stations anyway, so I figure why not save a little extra.  It all adds up.  We get 8 of these $1 off coupons each month from our newspaper.  I'm trying to be better about using them.  

I've been reading a lot more blogs about personal finance.  Perhaps partly because misery loves company and also because I feel encouraged when reading them.  I receive a personal glimmer of hope when someone writes to say they paid off another credit card or a car loan or even bigger yet, their mortgage.  If others are doing it, I know we can too.  We are tackling $55,749.69 in non-mortgage debt.  This is a combination of a home improvement loan, credit cards and a car loan.  There.  I said it.  My hidden confession.  I'm also secretly hoping that since I'm just starting my blog that this post will eventually get buried!  Maybe, just maybe, at some point I'll be brave enough to have a running total more prominently displayed, but for now, I will leave it here.  As for what we are  currently snowballing, it is an interest free loan of $2,550.  It needs to be paid off by May to avoid any interest charges.  One way or another, we will do it.  

Do you have any personal finance blogs you would recommend?  After this confession, I can use all the inspiration I can get!  


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