Sunday, January 15, 2017

The conveyor belt of life

Reflecting on life, or as my dh would say...overthinking it!  

How many of you have a love hate relationship with social media?  My gut is that many of us do.  Great to read the happy and good news but not so great to read the sad and the bad news.  

Yesterday a friend of mine from high school posted that her mom had passed away.  Just a few days earlier, she had posted that her mom was being placed on hospice so her passing didn't come as a complete surprise.  Having lost my own mom three years ago, my heart bleeds for my friend.  Although losing an elderly parent is a natural progression of life, it still leaves an emptiness when they do go.  Thankfully for my friend (and myself!) we know this is only an earthy goodbye.  I honestly don't know how a non-believer handles the pain of losing a loved one without this assurance.

One of many things that still stand out to me during the funeral preparations for my own mother was my sister saying "We're the next ones on the conveyor belt."  Although I secretly thought "No, you are as you are 6 years older than me!" my sister did have a point.  While that is one conveyor belt ride we will all eventually take, there are plenty of others we will ride first.  While some will be chosen for us, thankfully there are a lot of others that we, ourselves, can choose or choose not to take.  

This blog is very much about making a choice.  We made a choice to draw the line in the sand and do something about our debt.   While I realize that simply making this choice doesn't guarantee that we won't ever get rerouted - Murphy has a way of doing that to even the best of us - at least we have each other to keep from falling.  

I also know there are a few other belts I should probably consider hopping on, but for now, I'm good following the journey of this one.  Yes my sister, life truly is a conveyor belt.  


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