Thursday, January 19, 2017

The phone call in the night

Very seldom is it good news.

Shortly before heading off to bed, I wrote a post about ice cream and getting a good night of rest.  Well, unfortunately after receiving a 1:30 AM phone call, that didn't happen.  When I finally did hear and answer the phone, at first I thought I had overslept.  To my groggy eyes the clock read 7:30.  The frantic caller on the other end was my dh.  

Without going into a lot of detail, my dh had been robbed.  Thankfully other than being very shook up, he was physically okay.  While he was waiting to fill out a police report, I cancelled his personal credit card and started racking my brain as to what else would need to be cancelled.  We do carry identity theft protection.  It is something I would highly recommend as someone actually did try to take out a credit card in my name a few years back.  Times like these there is a level of comfort in knowing that someone has your back should something more come of this.  

Meanwhile since it is near impossible to fly without a photo ID, his company is arranging a car rental for him to get back home.   The police officer said that with the report he was okay to drive without a license.  Given his distance from home, it will be a few days before he gets back.  Since his corporate lodging card was also stolen, hopefully his company can replace that for him before he heads out.  

Not sure how much this will impact our finances, but at this point, I honestly don't care.  I am just so very thankful my dh is okay.  Things can be replaced.  Human life can't.  

Stayed tuned for what I believe will need be my next post...What's in your wallet?  


  1. I am so scary and violating. I am happy that your DH is fine and you were able to keep a clear head and take care of the important things.

  2. Thanks! He is still shook up over it. I think an experience like this always has you looking over your shoulder. Could have been far worse. God was definitely watching out for him.