Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Year of the (fill in the blank)

Have you ever felt a year was being dominated by a particular theme?  

I have.  Looking back over our past three years certain events really stand out in my mind.  2014 was dominated with prepping a house to sell.  2015 was dominated with selling the aforementioned home and then moving.  2016 was dominated with medical issues along with hefty (and I do mean hefty!) medical bills.

While none of these years were without challenges, I still prefer to look at the good that came from it.  Let me put a different spin on these years.  2014....we finally did things to our family home that we had intended on doing for 18 years.  The house looked fantastic when we were finally ready to list it.  2015....we moved to our dream location.  It is an area just a few miles from where we (when we could afford to) would vacation.  2016...the high deductible of our health insurance plan pushed dh to look for a new job.  His new job not only has much better insurance but he is also earning more.

Thus far 2017 seems to be shaping up to be the "year of the dentist." Other than our usual cleanings, both dh and I need additional work done.  Yesterday I wrote the dentist a check of over $200.  It was for our share of the bill from visits we had late last December.  I have 3 upcoming appointments in the weeks to follow.  Dh will also need to be seen again.  You know what though, like the previous years, there is a better way to look at it...

2017:  The year our dental premiums really paid off!  Hmm, not so sure that is really a good thing!  Better yet, I'm looking at 2017 as the year we started cash flowing what comes our way.  Prior to getting on a written budget, dh and I would have done what we always did and pulled out the credit card.  Not anymore!  This is the year we have joined forces and drawn the line in the sand.  This is the year we will take control of our finances, despite any challenges that come our way.

How is your year shaping up so far?  Are you making a conscience decision to focus on the good rather than focusing on whatever challenges you may be facing?  When you look back over 2017, how will you fill in the blank?  2017:  The Year of the ______.       Make it a good one!



  1. The Year of Possibilities
    The end of 2016 got us out of an apt and into a rental house.
    The end of 2016 got DH in a supervisory construction job and out of the physical labor part of construction.
    The end of 2016 gave him a much needed elbow and a needed back surgery for almost free since deductibles were met (almost got a free one since OOP were met but he chose this new job instead)

    2017 will bring this new job with income possibilities and a per month guaranteed salary
    2017 will also bring another back surgery for him and it came with a diabetes diagnosis for him as well
    2017 will have plenty of out go in dental work for me

    This was fun!

    1. Really makes you reflect. The "Year of Possibilities" is a GREAT attitude to have! Thanks for sharing!