Saturday, January 28, 2017

Visuals to help keep it real

A very real one we intend on achieving!  

I am a very visual person.  Always have been.  Not sure if it has to do with a lack of imagination or simply the need to see something in order to understand it.  This applies to our finances as well.  Just saying that someday we will be out of debt simply isn't enough for me.   If I wasn't so embarrassed about our debt I'd probably have a huge debt thermometer hanging on our living room wall.  Well, I might not get quite that crazy, but at the very least I'd have one on the door of our fridge!  

Yesterday dh sent me an amazing visual.  He had to travel through Nashville to get to his destination.  He decided to take a slight detour and see where Dave Ramsey hosts his show.  Being the thoughtful dh that he is, he didn't go inside but did take a couple of pictures and sent them to me.  Going inside is something he wants to do with me.  

For those of you not overly familiar with the Dave Ramsey show, you can actually go there and watch Dave in action.  Some individuals on this journey go there to be interviewed by Dave and do their "I'm debt free" scream.  I love hearing these calls and am always thrilled for those who have achieved this status.  There is also a wall you can sign.  I'm not so sure I necessarily want to be on the radio when we reach this point, but I sure would add my signature to that wall!  I've actually seen Dave at one of his live events.  Dh and I weren't on the same page yet so I went with some friends.  The event was huge, so that while I say I saw Dave, it was from quite a distance. Taking a trip to Ramsey Solutions with my dh to see the show live would will be super exciting.

I'm happy.  Yesterday was a good day with a new visual to help keep it real!


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