Friday, January 20, 2017

What's in your wallet?

Probably not what Crapital, er Capital One would like!

No, I do not carry a credit card.  Not a single one!  I'm not saying that I don't have one, I just prefer not to carry one.  After my dh being robbed of his wallet yesterday, we are trying to come up with a good, safe alternative for him.  With traveling so much for work, he needs to have something.  One thing I did like about Discover was that even if his stolen card had been used, we would not have been liable for the charges.  We just don't like the fact that someone even has his card, whether he would be liable or not.  

One thing this robbery did make me do was to give more thought as to what I carry in my own wallet.    I realize that even though I don't carry a credit card, there was still some purging that needed to be done.  Other than my business expenses (for which I use a debit card), I use cash.  That will be the one bank card that I truly need to keep with me.  I did remove the debit card attached to our household account.  Honestly, it was more of a crutch to me.  I also removed my member ID for our local credit union.  I use it to cash my (albeit small) checks from my part time job for which I then fund my cash envelopes.  The credit union can easily look up my account with just my drivers license.  I also removed a few business cards that I would hate to lose, but certainly don't need in my wallet.  

So, with those items removed, what exactly is in my wallet?  Not a whole lot!  What remains is my drivers license, two insurance cards, two loyalty cards, my cash envelopes (clips) and of course, my business debit card.  Do I worry about carrying cash?  Maybe if I carried a lot of it I would, but with our budget being very tight, I honestly don't.  On the days I know I'll be doing more shopping there is usually a little more cash in my wallet, but that is far from an everyday occurrence.  In the case of a true emergency (and wanting pizza isn't an emergency!) I always do have my business debit card that I could fall back on.  

While it would still be a true inconvenience to ever find myself in the need of replacing the entire contents of my wallet, carrying less would certainly make it easier.

Have you ever given any real thought to what's in your wallet?  It may just be time to take a less is more approach and do some purging!  



  1. I don't have much either and no CC. 1 personal Debit and a business Debit (never much money in these accounts, Costco card, insurance card. Some days my Amazon Store card is in there but not very often. I always tell a friend who is not comfortable with budget programs like Mint that if a hacker got in, he would be very disappointed that there isn't anything to steal.

    1. Does make it a lot easier to keep track of things by having less in your wallet. We learned a lot from my hubbies experience.