Thursday, February 2, 2017

21 Days and 21 Posts

All part of my journey to get debt free!

Wow.  Hard to believe that I have reached this mini milestone!  Somehow I have now managed to bore enlighten those of you who are following my journey for 21 days straight!  I started blogging for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I wanted something to help keep me financially accountable.  This blog is certainly helping me in that area.  Secondly, I wanted to reach out to others in similar situations.  Digging your way out of debt at any age isn't any fun, let alone when you are in your 50's.  I figured there had to others who were facing the same challenge.  Much like the many blogs I follow, I hope that my blog will also serve as a way to encourage others.  Yes, many of us have done stupid with zeros but that certainly doesn't need to be the end of our stories.  We can do this!  We can dig ourselves out of the messes we created and go into our retirement years without the stress of debt.  Our stories can have happy endings!

With all of this get 'out of debt' stuff in mind, I did end up going out yesterday for a few hours to work on my business.  With the snow letting up and the sun making a short appearances, I figured the roads would be okay.  Except for about 4 miles, the drive to town is mostly highway miles.  About 20 miles into my trip to town there was a mass of fire trucks and police cars.  Thankfully it was on the opposite side of the highway, so it didn't effect my drive.  The few hours I spent in town were successful so I was glad I had gone.  On the way home though,  traffic was stalled for a vehicle that had flipped over.  No idea what happened in either of these cases as the road was dry.  Hopefully there were no injuries.  

Not sure yet what today will bring, but I will try to make it a productive one.   I do need to go into work for a few hours.  Sometimes I think I should quit that job but along with the flexibility I have with my hours, they pay well and I like being able to count on that steady check.  It is also so part time that  it really doesn't take up that much of my time.  With my business I have to be more disciplined.  The more effort I put into it, the more  I earn.  It also has the huge benefit of letting me be my own boss.  In both positions, I am happy to no longer be punching a clock.  

Between fielding phone calls and other interruptions, this post feels like it has taken me 21 days to write!  Some days are just like that.  Best get moving before this blends into yet another day and another blog post!  Thanks for reading!


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