Monday, February 20, 2017

$259.31 closer towards our goal

Beefing up the emergency fund.  

You read that right.  $259.31 and it is all going towards beefing up our emergency fund.  This was the proceeds of my eBay items that ended yesterday.  Would have been more, but eBay and PayPal always take their share.  Still, I am very pleased.  Now before you start thinking I'm a packrat with endless items to unload, I'm not.  One item had been left in the house we purchased 18 months ago.  The other was from a friend who had me sell 2 other items and then told me to keep the third item to do with as I pleased. Of the items I sold, only 1 was actually originally mine and it only netted $15.  I had a few items that didn't sell that I'll re-list once I'm back from a trip I need to make. 

I am excited to say that we should (barring any unforeseen circumstances) be able to reach our goal of $2,000 by the end of the month.  To play it safe, we still won't throw any snowballs at our debt until we know exactly where we stand with our taxes.  After that is behind us, watch out debt...we are coming after you!  

Today I secured my seasonal job.  Nice to know that they want me back, even with my "demands" for the year.  Nothing too outrageous.  I want to work primarily from home and also want to be paid hourly opposed to salary.  Last year I worked far too many hours for far too little pay.  The season also hurt my business and I lost time at my other part time job making what I did actually earn almost a wash.  With having better time management, my income should increase...or at least that is the plan!  

How are you doing with your plan to get out of debt?  Are you staying focused and keeping your eye on the prize?  Without a doubt, I know reaching this ultimate goal will be so worth it!  


Photo credit:  Noel Hankamer

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