Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A $38 dollar bottle of oil

Why does needing only one item end up costing so much?  

Forgetting to buy an item at the store sure can be expensive.  After going to work for a few hours I stopped at the grocery store for what was supposed to be just the oil I had forgotten to buy the last time I was there.  $38 dollars later, I now have the forgotten oil along with a lot of other items.  I hadn't really planned on doing any additional grocery shopping this week.  On the bright side, these additional items were the result of the sales week turning over so I did get some good deals.  I bought several packages of meat which I put in the freezer and also more fruit.  Not entirely sure how the Doritos found their way into my shopping cart, but snack food has a sneaky way of doing that sometimes.  

Strange,  but when I shop for my business I have no problem with compulsive purchases.  Good thing, since my business has me in different stores multiple times a month.  Maybe I need to treat grocery shopping the same way.  I'm sure that shopping with a list and sticking to it would help as well.  I'll need to give that some thought while I munch on those sneaky Doritos.

I had hoped to use today to shop for my business but the weather didn't cooperate.  We had lots of snow during the night.  Enough that our driveway needed to be plowed.  We get way too much snow plus given the length of our driveway, shoveling it is not an option.  I would never be able to keep up with it.  I'd probably feel like the episode of I Love Lucy where she and her sidekick Ethel took jobs at a chocolate factory.  I think that'd be more fun than trying to keep up with this never ending snow though!  

So today I'll do some work from home.  My office needs some attention and I still have taxes to work on.  Always plenty to keep me busy.  


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