Thursday, February 23, 2017

Busy, busy day

All worth it because my DH came home!

Yesterday was a super busy day.  I hardly ever know exactly when my DH will make it home.  He called me late morning to say he would arrive home around supper time.  With that, I had to get busy.  I worked my part time job for 3 hours, stopped at the local grocery store for a few forgotten items, cleaned the house, etc.  You'd have thought royalty was coming over!  Since DH is home so little, I try my best to have everything just right.  He is worth it!  

On the money side of things, I should be able to use our health savings account to pay for the dental work DH and I have had done.  His company puts $840 in the account, so that should cover a nice chunk of the bill.  Even with insurance, dental work (especially getting a root canal and crown) are costly.  Guess DH will be royalty after all with his new crown.  lol 

Today we are calling our propane company to come top off our tanks.  We have two 1000 gallon tanks with levels of 55 and 60%.  We had a new customer discounted rate of $0.99/gallon that is good through the end of March.  I'd hold off on placing this last order, but the warmer weather has me concerned about our road.  Once weight restrictions go into effect, trucks are not permitted on our road.  With topping off these tanks, we will have enough fuel for next Winter and possibly even the following one.  For those of you who have never had propane, they will only fill to 80%.  Currently the going rate is around $1.79 so this is a nice savings.  Winter has always been a tough time for us financially.  I'm trying to get some things knocked off the list much earlier.  Getting our wood delivered and chimney inspected will be two other things I plan on taking care of before June.  

DH is out walking our boys (dogs) and I need to get busy.  Still need to finish up those blasted taxes.  



  1. I love when they call and say they're are coming home! I do the same by making sure the house is clean, food stocked, etc. Luckily for me I can take the time off when he is home as well which is W-Sun this week since our anniversary is Sunday. I also make sure there is money in the budget for eating out wit or without friends while he is home.

  2. Enjoy your DH time :) I'm sure he appreciates coming home too!

    1. Thank you! It was a cold, snowy day and snuggling in front of a fire was the most perfect day.

  3. Enjoy your time with your hubby, Patti. Nice that you can take time off when he comes home.