Friday, February 10, 2017

Changing the Family Tree

Could this just be the year?  

Great news!  Our two kids and their spouses are going to see Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze!  Yes, they are going to a Smart Money event and I am one very happy momma!  

Over the years our kids have often heard me talk about Dave Ramsey.  I think it mostly fell on deaf ears, but they kindly amused me by listening.  I've sent them books (they both live out of state) in hopes that they would learn something we did a very poor job of teaching.  Other than knowing we still have a mortgage, our children have no idea of where we stand financially.  It is honestly not something that, right or wrong,  I am comfortable discussing with them at this point.  I have, however, shared with DD that her dad was finally on board about getting completely debt free.  Again, that more or less seemed to fall on deaf ears.  From what she sees, we as her parents, have no money issues.  We have a nice house, drive decent cars, have nice could we even possibly have any money issues?  Oh the things we do to our children.  

DD and her hubby also seem to have it all.  They have a nice house, drive nice cars, have lots of expensive toys, have lots of children (they've had five in 11 years of marriage!) and they also have lots of debt.  I only know about the debt part because DD will often mention that they took out a loan for this or for that.  It always makes me cringe inside to hear about them going down the same financial path we chose for far too many years.

DS and his wife have only been married a couple of years.  They don't have a house, they drive an older vehicle, have no expensive toys, have no children (yet) but they also spend every dime they make...or at least that is what I hear via the grapevine (aka DD).  Again, I cringe seeing them start out this way.  Such a prime time in their life to be saving for their future.  

Yesterday the grapevine (aka DD) was expressing concern to me about her brother and his finances.  I mostly listened and let her talk.  Then a "strange" thing happened.  DD brought up Dave Ramsey!  Again I continued to listen and let her talk and then she mentioned hearing that Dave was coming to their area.  The eventual outcome of our conversation...our kids and their spouses now have tickets to the Smart Money event next month!  My initial thought was to offer to pay for it, but first of all, it isn't in our budget.  Secondly, since DD shelled out $196 for them all to go, I'm sure she will make sure that they do indeed attend!  Kind of like when you have to pay your own way through college (which I did), you put more effort into it.  I did, however, locate a coupon code which saved her over $40.  

Now with my DD all geeked up about "her idea" of going to this live event and helping DS change his ways, I have renewed hope that our family tree will change.  I know not to push it too much, but I did (via Amazon) order yet another book for DD.  By tomorrow she should receive  Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze.  I have read this book and I really feel it speaks to my daughter's generation.  With my daughter all geeked up about the live event, she is now equally eager to read this book.  I am one happy momma!  



  1. That is awesome, especially that both of them are going! Leave it to momma to find the coupon, that's what I would do too :)

    1. Figured finding a coupon was the least I could do! I can hardly wait for them to experience this event themselves!

  2. That's great news! I'll bet your one proud mama!

    1. Oh yes I am! You'd think I was the one going considering how excited I am!