Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Definitely not a typical Monday

Wow, what a day I had!  

Ever have a day that simply seems to go just right?  They hardly ever seem to happen on a Monday.  I truly believe there is something about the "It's a Monday" phrase.  I was reading a couple of other bloggers who were having absolutely horrible days.  I wished I could have shared some of my "just right" with them to make their day a little better.

I started my day with a dentist appointment.  Now usually that would be enough to set off anyone's Monday as being horrible.  This appointment was unusually quick with minimal pain.  The dental staff only held me hostage for about 20 minutes or so.  I have one more small cavity that will get taken care of next week Monday.  I kind of wish the dentist would have just taken care of it yesterday but then again, it might have felt weird having my entire mouth numb.  

Leaving the dentist's office, the sun was shining and I felt a hint of (do I dare say it) Spring!  At 45 degrees, it felt like a heat wave.  We will need a lot more of these temperatures to melt the several feet of snow that we still have on the ground, but at least it was a start!  Given that it was warmish, I felt okay about leaving the boys (our elderly dogs) in the garage which has access to an outside pen.  Their senior bladders simply can no longer handle me being away for more than a few hours.  With knowing that they could manage without me, I then headed to the big city....aka a neighboring town with a few more stores.  

My purpose of shopping was primarily for my business.  Wow, did I ever hit the jackpot.  It took me practically no time to soon have my vehicle packed.  This will give me a very nice profit.  I also purchased a few household items.  I had a coupon for $10 off $30 purchase that I was able to combine with a pharmacy rewards coupon for $10 off $20.  Ended up getting 30 rolls of TP, 7 boxes of Kleenex, some fabric softener and coffee filters for $11.45 out the door.  Love stocking up on those types of things.  

Hmm, what else?  I saved $4 on a tank of gas.  I hit my first Swagbucks goal, I received payment for two eBay items (netting exactly $40 after fees) and got both items shipped off and I received bids on two other items I listed on Sunday.  Just when I thought the day couldn't possibly get any better, I saw that I won the contest I posted about earlier this month.  If I ever make it big in the blogging world I'd like to hold a contest too.  Scratch that.  Since becoming a big time blogger isn't my actual goal, perhaps I could hold some type of contest for when we become debt free.  Now that would be fun!  

Yesterday was definitely not a typical Monday!  Sorry for those of you who had a rough day.  Hopefully today will be much better for you.  I haven't ventured out yet today but will need to at some point.  I have boxes to ship and I also need to put in a few hours at my part time job.  We will see what today brings.  



  1. So happy so many positive things happened for you in one day! You're right that it doesn't happen like that often but boy when it does, it's appreciated right? Here's to hoping you have a whole week of days like yesterday!!!

  2. Definitely greatly appreciated! Hope you have a great week too! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. :)