Friday, February 24, 2017

More mortgage payment issues

The never ending saga.  

I am really beginning to dread the first of the month.  This is when our mortgage payment is supposed to be made.  We had issues last Summer with them not taking the payment.  Thought we had it straightened out yet to go through the very same thing on this month.  February 1st came around, we had the money in our account, and yet they still didn't take the payment. Took multiple calls to get that (supposedly) back on track.

Here we are a few days away from March 1st.  This is the month our mortgage payment was supposed to drop by $210/month on account of our escrow review.  The problem we are now having is that our payment amount due has not changed when I look it up online. So how much do I pay?   Ugh!  If I pay the lesser amount, there is a chance they won't take the payment as they will only take a full payment.  However, since I have paperwork stating our payment has been reduced, I should just be able to pay that reduced amount.  If I pay the original payment more might just go towards our mortgage or they might leave the extra $210 in our account.  I hate feeling like I need to second guess them.  My DH has already placed two calls to them, both times leaving a message.  Have they called back? Nope.  Their complete lack of customer service seemingly continues to be their motto.  We live too far to simply stop in at one of their branches. So, the saga continues.  

On a bright note, I did manage to finish gathering all of our tax information. I'll be going to the post office later today to get it sent off.  Considering the size of the envelope plus the information it contains, I want to have some type of tracking with it.  I plan on being more organized this year by keeping running totals of my DH's expenses and also doing a better job at keeping up with the bookkeeping for my business.  Or at least that is my plan!  

I had hoped to use this week to take a trip to handle an estate issue for my dad and also see family.  Unfortunately Mother Nature isn't cooperating and we are getting hit with even more snow.  I have no desire to drive a rental vehicle (let alone our own) through this much snow.  I'll aim to go the next time my DH is home.  

Have any of you used Amazon Pantry?  I used the rare discount coupon that Amazon was offering this past Wednesday to purchase some much needed personal clothing items.  I'm a Prime member but by agreeing to a slower shipping method, they offered me a $5 credit for Amazon Pantry.  Wonder what kind of needed item I can get for cheap with that credit?  I'm all about stretching my dollars!  

Stay frugal and keep beating that debt down!  We can do this! 



  1. That's what I should check into. I'm an amazon prime member but the 2 free day shipping does not apply to where I live, so I should just start taking the slow method (that's what they use anyway) and see if I can get the credit toward Pantry or whatever, I've never tried Pantry either, so not familiar with it.

    1. May as well! I'm not sure what type of items are in their "pantry" but a savings is a savings.