Friday, February 3, 2017

Slave to the Lender

"The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender."  Proverbs 22:7

There is certainly a lot of truth to this verse.  I really felt it yesterday when I placed a call to our credit union to inquire as to why they hadn't yet taken out the mortgage payment.  I've been going in circles with them ever since we took out this mortgage with them.  Last Summer I thought I had it all straightened out whereas they would automatically take it out on the first of the month.  This had been working beautifully until yesterday when I saw our funds still hadn't been transferred.  Lovely.  Waited a good 20 minutes to even speak to a real person who then proceeded to tell me that I had been calling every month to do this.  Um, no.  I most certainly have not!  Having gone rounds with them over this before, I then ask to speak directly with a supervisor.  Again, I get the same story.  Then this supervisor wants to know what phone number I used to initially set this up.  Good grief.  Between my old and new numbers, plus our landline (yeah, we still have one of those!) and my dh's cell, how could I possibly remember which phone I used?  At that point I was half expecting her to ask what I had for breakfast that morning all those months ago.  I was told she would look into it and call me back in a few hours.  Didn't happen.  Nor did the payment get credited.  To say that I was aggravated is putting it mildly.  DH is much more diplomatic with these things so he said he would take it from here.  God bless him.  After spending a good hour of my day on this, his offer was music to my ears.

While there will always be situations that may cause your blood to boil, this call to the credit union could have been completely avoided by not owing them a dime in the first place.  Yes, as in the Bible passage, we have become slave to the lender.  

Given that this lender is who holds our mortgage, it will be years before we can discontinue our dealings with them.  Refinancing is simply not an option for financial reasons.  We simply have no choice but to continue dealing with their incompetence.  If you're ever looking for a credit union not to use, ask me.  The least I can do is spare someone else the headache.  

Oh how I cannot wait until we are no longer in the position of being slave to the lender.  Phone calls like yesterday make me all the more eager to get out of the position we are in.  

On a positive note, the sun is shining and that is always something to be thankful for!  



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