Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snow, snow, snow and more snow!

The white stuff, not the green!

I'm beginning to think that all my talk about snowballs has Mother Nature confused.  According to the weather reports, she is preparing to dump 12-18 inches of the white stuff across our area.  Those are not the kind of snowflakes we need for our snowballs! Yesterday we had what looked to be about 5 inches. This next heavier round is supposed to start later on tonight.  This will not only add to our plowing bill but may also cost me a few hours at my job.  I think I'll try and get a few hours in today.  Again, that will depend on the weather.  Right now it is super windy which usually means extreme drifting so it isn't looking promising.

In yesterday's post I mentioned making a visual to track our savings.  I came across Debt Free Charts with all sorts of free downloads.  Heidi offers a wealth of different charts, so if you need something to help track your progress and keep you motivated, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for on her blog.  Since we are now working on beefing up our baby emergency fund to $2,000 (ultimate goal of $3,000 while on baby step 2) I printed off that one and will keep it in front of our budget binder.  

As much as I always dread it, I'm going to get my eBay items listed today.  Sunday tends to be a good day for starting auctions.  For those of you who may have never sold on eBay, it really is quite simple to do.  It is also a good way to unload and make some extra money from items you may already have.  Don't let my personal dread of it scare you away.  My feelings stem from comparing it to the simplicity of my e-commerce business.  Once the eBay items are listed and are live, it really is fun to watch the bids come in.  Crazy what people will pay for things.  

I best get to my day.  Weather permitting, I'd like to make it to church as well.  The wind remains fierce so going out isn't looking too good right now.  


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