Sunday, February 12, 2017


This time the green kind!  

Don't you just love receiving unexpected money?  Who doesn't?!  For those of us who are snowballing our way out of debt and are already budgeting every dollar, we refer to this unexpected money as a snowflake.  

This past week I have been blessed to receive two such snowflakes.  One was in the form of a small rebate of $2.01 and the other $30.97 for holiday pay at my part time job.  For the life of me I can never remember which holidays we get paid for so it always comes as a  nice surprise whenever it is on my check.  Being so very part time, I'm thankful to receive any amount of holiday pay, no matter how small.    

The thing about these snowflakes is that they need to be put to use fast!  Left alone, they can quickly disappear.  This journey to get out of debt takes a lot of determination, which also requires being intentional with each and every dollar that comes our way.  For those of you who have been reading my blog, I'm sure you know exactly where these two small snowflakes are going.  Yep, beefing up the baby emergency fund.  I went ahead and transferred $25, which also accounts for the taxes that came out of my holiday pay.  We continue inching snowflaking our way to our first goal of having $2,000 in that account.  

The nice thing about green snowflakes is that you can help them to come your way.  Last Sunday I listed 5 items on eBay, with 3 of those items already having bids.  While they aren't huge ticket items, every little bit helps.  I know others who are digging their way out of debt take on extra jobs, have garage sales, babysit, dog walk...anything that creates more money to throw at debt.  The more that gets thrown at debt, the quicker it will go away!  

What are some of the things you've done (or are currently doing) to help knock out debt?  Are you making it a point to be intentional with the extra money that comes your way?  



  1. We've been doing some spring cleaning and have sold off a few things on the FB marketplace this weekend. We're up to about $300 in extra money for this month! I cannot wait to sit down and do my monthly update. I'm hoping to tackle ebay listings next. Our intention with the extra money is strictly to pay off debt.

    1. That is fantastic! Keep on snow flaking that debt!