Monday, February 13, 2017

Thanks for the reminder, Hallmark...

but I'll save my money and celebrate it my way!  

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I've done nothing for my DH.  That's right, absolutely zilch.  I've never really understood the hoopla around so many of these holidays.  Do we really need a reminder from Hallmark to express our love?  Shouldn't we already be doing this for the special people in our lives?  

Call me unromantic, but I honestly don't feel the need to rush out and spend money that we really can't afford just to let my DH know how much I love him....all because Hallmark is telling me I need to do so!  I already tell him this every day.  If he doesn't know by now how I feel about him, we have some serious relationship issues!  

Despite how I feel about these "Hallmark Holidays" I will still acknowledge the day wish my DH a Happy Valentine's Day, but I'll also continue to do it my way all year long.  I much prefer to give random surprise personal notes throughout the year.  They don't cost me a thing and I like to think that they are a lot more meaningful than some card from Hallmark!  My frugal self will even take it step further and look for the Almond Joy candy he so much enjoys...but he also knows me well enough that I'll wait until it goes on clearance the day after!  

Do you do anything special on these Hallmark Holidays?  



  1. We don't celebrate it either, never have. Mostly because we just got done celebrating my birthday and anniversary, so Valentine's Day is no big deal to either of us. And most of the years we were always too broke to then have to buy gifts for this holiday, after just spending money on two others. LOL.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. Happy belated birthday and anniversary!

  2. Nothing here either, never have. Our anniversary is end of month and I am just happy he will be home for a couple of days even if it isn't ON our anniversary.

    1. I find that more and more people choose not to celebrate Valentine's Day. Secretly, I'm glad that consumerism isn't winning with everyone! Happy early anniversary. So nice that your hubby will be home, even if it isn't on the actual day. He will be home and that's all that matters!