Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thousands of people can't be wrong...can they?

Following the "Dave Plan" takes trust!

Last night I found myself awake at 3 AM.  So many thoughts were racing through my mind.  At this point in our journey, it isn't surprising that each and every one of them revolved around money.  In all fairness, I can't really blame Dave Ramsey for this sleepless night.  Over the years I've lost countless hours of sleep because of our finances.  Last night was a little different though.  I found myself questioning not only our own journey, but the journeys of others.

As an avid Dave Ramsey junky, I am part of a lot of different groups all focused on his plan.  While it almost sounds cult-like, I assure you it isn't!  We are all (well, I like to think most of us are!) just trying to do whatever it takes to dig ourselves out of our financial messes.  Support groups certainly aren't anything new.  Communities are full of them...everything from weight loss to "my mother-in-law is mean to me*" are available should you need the support.  You name it, it's out there.  And if a group hasn't already been created, you can always start one and I'm sure in no time you'll find people to join.  So how about these "Dave" groups?  

In one of the smaller groups I am active in, I posted a question about baby (aka beginner) emergency funds.  In general, Dave Ramsey recommends having $1,000 in this fund.  This is also considered to be baby step one of his plan.  The feedback I received was fairly consistent with no vast differences.  I'm also part of another much larger group with those members doing the same thing.  That is a lot of people with what I still feel is a small emergency fund!  The other steps to the plan are also being followed in a similar fashion.  Perhaps with some slight variances, but again, nothing too extreme.  Bottom line is that thousands upon thousands of people are not only working this plan but are winning at it!  

So while I may sometimes question it all, I still feel strongly that this is the right plan for us.  The success stories do speak for themselves.  Thousands of people simply cannot be wrong!  


* Disclaimer...although in the past my mother-in-law has indeed been mean to me, I am not currently in need of that type of support group!  😏

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