Monday, March 6, 2017

9 lives

Our senior dog is holding his own!

9 lives really applies to our elderly dog.  Yesterday morning I thought for sure that today I'd be at the vet making a painful decision.  As the evening progressed, this dog who couldn't stand on his own, started to perk up.  I had been giving him syringes of water and food throughout the day, which I knew he didn't like.  At one point he stumbled his way to his water dish and drank on his own.  He also ate some chicken I put in front of him.  

This morning he is still walking a bit like that old commercial of needing a V8, but he is getting around.  He did fall a couple of times and needed a little help up the steps, but overall, he is doing much better.  Most importantly, he continues to eat and drink on his own.  Since I wasn't going to authorize the vet to run any tests, for now I have decided to hold off on taking him.  Not sure if he had a mild stroke or something else but at 13+ years of age, I highly doubt there is much a vet could actually do.  

This is a dog who has survived multiple surgeries and illnesses. Given the way he was acting, I really thought this time was it.  Think I'll need to change his name to Mr Nine Lives.  Realistically I do know that eventually his time will come, but for now, I am thankful he is still with us.  

I thank you for all the well wishes.  These pets will be our last which perhaps makes it a bit harder to face the end.  While we are certainly young enough to take on the responsibility of more pets, we don't feel it would be wise to do so again.  We have zero regrets on the effects pets have had on our finances as we don't feel a price tag can be put on the joy they have given us.  We are simply looking into the not too far distant future where we know we would like to have a little more freedom.  With also having a 12 year old cat, that might still be a few years off.



  1. So glad to hear he is feeling better! My DH said no more dogs, too, when these pass on (one is 8 1/2 and one is 4 1/2) but I'm not like that. I know I can love more dogs ;)

    1. At 8.5 and 4.5, you have years left to love your dogs! I pray they both live many, many more years.

  2. So happy your boy has turned around!

  3. So happy that he bounced back! =)