Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thank you Facebook. I needed that.

Turns out that I was meant to be an author!

Have you ever taken one of those Facebook quizzes that can supposedly guess your age, your personality, what celebrity you are most like, etc?  For the most part, I usually skip right on by these types of things.  I can probably count on one hand how many of these quizzes I've actually ever done in all my years on Facebook.  For one thing, I'm not a social media junkie.  Second of all, so many of these quizzes are just plain silly and I have better things to do with my time.  Not sure why, but this morning a quiz shared by a friend caught my attention.  "What were you meant to be?  What is it that drives you?"  Well now, who wouldn't want to know their true calling in life?  Lol.  So, I took the bait and clicked the link...

Expecting to be hit with a few questions, I was surprised to have none.  The creator of this particular quiz could simply tell by my limited postings on Facebook just what I was meant to be.  Impressive!  According to the quiz, I was meant to be an author.  

So my 25 years working as a nurse was all wrong?  At least I now know why I always enjoyed writing patient care plans.  My true calling was to be an author!  All joking aside, this quiz actually was a bit timely.   You see, rather than Facebook, I tend to spend a lot of time reading blogs.  To an extent, I am a blog junkie.  Yesterday, however, along with reading these blogs, I found myself questioning my own writing.  Is it good enough?  Do I even have anything worth writing about?  How does it compare to so-and-so's blog?  

You know what though?  None of those questions really matter!  I am not writing to impress anyone.  Financial gain (other than getting out of debt!) is not my objective.  No one is forced to read what I write, although I thank those of you who do take the time!  I write because I enjoy it.  While I certainly hope my blog encourages others who are on the same journey, writing is also my way of staying on course.  Over the years I have taken far too many financial side roads that have brought me nowhere.  I feel that I am finally on the right road.  I want to continue marking my journey via my writing as I travel along.  

Are you keeping track of your own journey to get out of debt?  None of us really need a quiz on Facebook to do so.  It is your journey and no one can write it for you!  


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